Here’s a list of equipment that Sonny and Joe typically bring to workshops. You probably don’t need all this gear. You’ll need to bring your laptop with Photoshop and Lightroom installed on it before you come to the workshop. (Internet connections can sometimes be slow)

Sonny’s PhotoGear

Carried in a Clik Elite Pro Express Camera Backpack
1 Canon 7D Body
1 Canon 70D Body
10mm – 22mm lens
17mm – 55mm lens
28mm – 75mm lens
70mm – 200mm lens
Remote Shutter Releases
Wireless Triggers
L Bracket
2 Speedlights (Canon 580 and Yongnuo 560 III)
Extra CF and SD Cards
Extra batteries
Induro AT213 Tripod
Ultrapod Mini Tripod or Joby GorillaPod SLR-Zoom Tripod Ball Head
Norwegian Bottle Opener
Cold Shoe Bracket Mount
Manfrotto Ball Head
Circular Polarizer Filter
Rogue FlashBender Light Modifier
A handful of ziploc bags
Small Hip Pack
Black Rapid Yeti (double) Strap
Tilley Hat
Lens cleaning kit (blow bulb, cleaning pen and microfiber cloths)

Postprocessing Gear
Macbook Pro
Wacom Tablet
Card Reader
Backup HD


Joe’s PhotoGear

Nikon D 610 x 2
Nikor 16-35mm f4
Nikor 24-120 mm f4
Nikor 70-200mm f4
Nikor 16 mm f2.8 fisheye
Nikor 50mm f1.8
Nikor 85mm f1.4
Nikon SB 910 speed lights X 2
Rogue flash bender
Nikon remote cable release
Pocket Wizzard wireless remotes flex and mini flex
Tripod Induro CT214
Induro ball head BDH2
Pro Camera Strap
Vortex media pro storm jacket. Smal and medium
Gura Gear Bataflae Bag
Lee filter system, ND, ND grad.and polarizer
Energizer head light
Cam ranger
Lens cleaning micro fiber towels
SD cards multiple
L brackets
Extra batteries
Sekonic L-308s light meter
Tilley hat
Visible dust sensor cleaning system

Post Processing equipment and software
Western digital my passport 2 TB hard drives X2
MacBook Pro 15 inch
Wacom tablet
NIK software
On one software suite
Topaz suite